Ewa Sawosz Chwalibóg
Professor, DSc

Faculty of Animal Sciences,

Warsaw University of Life Sciences,
e-mail address:

phone : +48225936660



Area of interests

  • Bio-interaction of noble metals and carbon nanoparticles with single cells (bacteria,
    fungi, human and animal cells cultured in vitro) as well as with biomolecules like DNA, RNA, proteins and amino acids.
  • Angiogenesis and miogenesis modulation by Ag, Au and carbon nanoparticles ? mechanisms and consequences. Experiments with chicken embryo model.
  • The graphene ? influence on the living organism; transport and distribution, toxicity, gene and protein expression, morphology of cells and tissues. Experiments with chicken embryo, cancer cells and
    laboratory animals.
  • Anticancer properties of noble metals and carbon nanoparticles in experiments with glioblastoma multiforme (GM) cells cultured in vitro and tumor (GM) cultured in ovo.


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