Nano and Biotechnology Laboratory

Areas of investigation:

Biochemistry, physiology, nutrigenomics and biotechnology of nano-, micro- and macrostructures of organisms.

In vitro

Cells culture, microbiology

In ovo

Glioblastoma multiforme culture

Angiogenesis in embryo CAM

Toxicity in embryos


Confocal microscope Olympus FV-1000

Fluorescence microscope Olympus CKX41

Stereoscopic microscope Olympus SZX10

Electrophoresis system, Mini protean Gel system BIORAD

Spectrophotometer Tecan Infinite M200

HPLC with detector UV/VIS, E-C (ESA)

Analytical methods

Microscopic visualization, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry

Gene expression at the protein level (NF-kB, PAX-7, PCNA, FGF, VEGF)

Activity of enzymes and other indices of redox status (SOD, GPx, GR, CAT, TAS, TBARS)

Concentration of functional substances (DNA, RNA, Ig)

Laboratory of proximate (basic) chemical analyses and blood chemistry



Chemical composition of feed and food, physiology of digestive tract, energy metabolism


Classic chemical analysis

Blood chemistry


Tecator system (Cyclotec, Soxhlet, Fibertec, Kjeltec)


Biochemical blood analyzer Johnson & Johnson

Analytical methods

Proximate chemical analysis (AOAC)

Dry matter, crude ash, crude protein, crude fiber, ether extract

Detergent fraction of fiber (ADF, NDF, ADL)

Dry chemistry methods ? biochemical parameters of blood serum (about 20 parameters)

Methods of physical, sensory and biological evaluation of feed and food