• Assessment of the biological properties of nanoparticles of carbon, silver, gold, platinum and copper in experiments with laboratory animals, studies in ovo and in microbiological testing.
  • Determination of the impact of metal and carbon nanoparticles and their bio-complexes with biologically active substances on the activation of the body’s defense mechanisms.
  • Mechanisms of angiogenesis and myogenesis and their modification through the use of nanoparticles and their bio-complexes (nano-delivery system). Model experiments with chicken embryos.


Biotechnological aspects of nutrition

  • Transgenic plants as a source of bioactive substances in the diet – in vivo studies.
  • Assessment of the potential harmfulness of selected transgenic plants – a study on rats.
  • Assessment of the impact of the extracts of invertebrates (molluscs, crustaceans, flies) on stimulation of anabolic activity and immunity in experiments with quails.
  • Economic, social and environmental aspects of the use of GMOs.


Physiology of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

  • Effect of feeding of beef and dairy cattle on productivity and functional properties of meat and milk.
  • Minerals in farm animal nutrition, with special emphasis on investigations regarding effects of chromium and iodine on productivity and quality of animal products.
  • New generation of feedstuff and feed additives in animal nutrition and their influence on productivity, immunity, antioxidative-oxidative state and functional properties of products.
  • Effects of interactions between chosen nutritional and genetic indices on homeostasis of model animals? metabolism.
  • Optimization of feeding of European bison in open and close breeding systems. Evaluation of nutritional and dietetic quality of meat obtained from European bison and young bulls, and from cows used for crossbreeding.